About us

Since I was a little girl, I loved finding old things and fixing them up to be beautiful again. When I moved into my first apartment, I brought along a truck-load of old, hand-me-down furniture to rework. It was all I could afford. I still have many of those pieces in my home today. I had always dreamed of owning a store where I could sell the beautiful pieces I made so others could enjoy them. The Painted Peacock was opened for business in the last week of July 2015.

The Painted Peacock is a co-op with room for up to 12 artists/tenants/seekers of fun. This allows us to have a huge variety of items; collectibles, glassware, antiques, furniture, jewelry….the list continues. Each artist has a different look but most of us have a passion for upcycling; rethinking and reimagining each piece we bring to the store.

this desk can be a kitchen island, that TV center a child’s play kitchen or a small wardrobe, old fans make wonderful lamps.

We are always creating and thinking outside the box.

To add to the experience of The Painted Peacock we have a resident peacock named Penelope that is constantly playing hide and seek with us!! Although she is always hidden in plain sight she is remarkably good at blending in with all the goodies in the store. It has taken us, and the customers, up to three days to find her before! Yet, we have some customers that find her almost immediately. If you happen to be one of the lucky folks that finds her, bring her up to the register and we will enter your name into a monthly drawing for a 25.00 gift certificate.  Do you think you are up to the challenge of finding Penelope?

If you love a piece you find here but not the color, just bring us the paint you want or select from one of our featured Ce Ce Caldwell paints and we will paint it to your fancy. Prices vary for each piece so be sure to confirm with The Painted Peacock before purchase.

Remember this: If you want it today but wait until tomorrow, the person who was in yesterday may be back today.